Thursday, February 23, 2017

Arrow S05 E14: The Sin-Eater

After some rather unorthodox episodes, it looks as if we might be back in the groove of superhero action again on "Arrow." Coming attractions indicate a trio of terror have escaped from Iron Heights - China White, Cupid, and Lady Cop - and they're coming for our heroes. Not necessarily for revenge, but for profit, they're after Tobias Church's secret stash.

Of course on "Arrow," things are never that easy. First the Prometheus plot is reasserted by the discovery of the villain's mother in Opal City, a step that may lead to learning his true identity. What I don't get is why does Oliver go as the mayor of Star City? Why would the mayor do this himself? Why not the police? Mom refuses to help, maybe she sees how odd the situation is, and/or she's in league with her son.

While I'm digging some of the new tech, like Felicity's data sucker and Green Arrow's Dick Tracy watch, I was disturbed by the violence in this episode. Has Liza Warner really become as evil and bloodthirsty as her two criminal cohorts? As someone who fondly remembers the single Lady Cop comic, this is not cool. And the show that so firmly was anti-violence last episode seems to have forgotten that stance.

Susan Williams meanwhile knows Oliver is Green Arrow. This isn't a Lois Lane thing, as she has undeniable proof. When confronted, Oliver denies it. Thea asks Felicity to frame Susan for plagiarism and discredit her. As expected, it also kinda sours Oliver and Susan's relationship.

Quentin and Green Arrow are no match for the three ladies. As Warner tries to rationalize her move from just rogue cop to sociopathic killer (I'm not buying it either), the police try to apprehend Green Arrow for the murder of Detective Billy Malone. So now Green Arrow is in the same position as the Arrow was, wanted as a cop killer.

I was very impressed with how Oliver confronted the police captain and explained Green Arrow's position. I couldn't feeling proud and thinking that our boy has finally grown up. Then he treats Thea like crap and runs into danger without his team. Sigh. Oliver will never learn, never.

I did like that the captain also suspects that Oliver and Green Arrow are one and the same. I am reminded of a time in the comics that despite the mask and costume, everyone in the city knew Oliver was Green Arrow. It's not rocket science, and his beard was rather unique. Why not try it on TV? It could save Susan's job at the very least.

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