Friday, August 03, 2012

Cobra Woman

Cobra Woman ~ My friend Dan turned me on to Maria Montez and Jon Hall. I was aware of and knew about them but their films are not all that easy to find. Imagine my surprise recently when cruising HBO Go on my iPhone one late night looking for something to cure my insomnia when I came across Cobra Woman. On HBO of all places! Insomnia hell, I settled in for the long haul.

The first thing that hit me just in the opening credits was just how brilliant and striking the Technicolor was. Very bright, very crisp. The other thing that surprised me was that both Miso and Get Glue, the two apps I use to post on social media what I'm watching, had no recollection of the flick. This truly was a forgotten movie.

Sabu, who was Mowgli in the original Jungle Book the year before, gets third billing in this 1944 cult classic from Universal after Montez and Hall. Lon Chaney Jr. is also in there as well. The exotic Montez plays dual roles as kidnapped bride and her evil sister, high priestess of Cobra Island, Hall is the heroic groom, and Sabu the plucky sidekick.

Cobra Woman is pretty typical fare for Universal horror of the time had it been in black and white, but the lush and lavish Technicolor raises the bar on this one. The set design and the costumes more than make up for the clich├ęd story and adequate acting. Well, less than adequate acting for Montez, but her dazzling beauty helps to erase that.

Adventure, horror, romance, musical, and spectacle - why don't they make movies like this any more? If you get a chance to see it, don't miss Cobra Woman.


  1. Ha ha, Glenn, my sister and I are now searching for all the old movies that we have somehow missed when they were first released and thanks to your posts, we have a great list to start with:)

  2. I've heard about this movie for years and going to see if I can find it on Netflix. The people I know who have seen it says that the only problem with the movie is Jon Hall.

  3. Derrick, Jon Hall kinda strikes me like Nick Cage. He -can- act, but most of the time, he's not even trying. Here he's adequate.

    Marie, please let me know what you watched and what you thought! :-)