Tuesday, July 06, 2010

True Blood: It Hurts Me Too

I am worried about the road that "True Blood" seems to be going down. It feels more and more like a bizarre cross between "Dark Shadows" (and not in a good way) and Iron Man 2 with each new episode of this third season.

Like the golden avenger's movie sequel, it has too many plots going on at once, far too many, and a lot of what is going on is going in a very camp direction. Not that "True Blood" hasn't been camp from the beginning, and let's face it, vampires on television make it hard not to go there, but it just seems too over the top - and without a more focused storyline, and at least one focused storyline, it gets bad.

There is so much happening in "It Hurts Me Too" I find it hard to even sift a theme that might explain the title. Things happen, but they seem roughshod and scattered. There is a lot of sex this time out, both physical and emotional. There is finally some electricity between Eric and Sookie. Tara gets some too from a new vampire heavy, Franklin. And Bill and Lorena give kinky sex a whole new dimension.

Jason has gone from unfortunate to comic relief to a literal cartoon. He feels like a wasted character as he is now. Similarly, but with potential otherwise, Sam is doing the same thing. I just hope we get more insight into the shapeshifter mythology as opposed to more babysitting the Beverly Hillbillies humor. And speaking of which, do monsters fall into bad stereotypes? Is it me or are shapeshifters redneck white trash, and werewolves are bikers?

We also get, for no apparent reason other to show us Lorena is bad (we already knew this), a flashback to Bill's past when he comes home after being turned. Some final observations… Bud, in quitting the police seems to make him the sanest person in Bon Temps in my opinion. I like Pam more every time I see her. And it about time Sookie started cleaning that house...

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