Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Tale of Two Michelles

This is the tale of two Michelles, one with one L and one with two, and a happy situation, unfortunately at the expense of a Judi.

Several months ago, New Jersey 101.5 FM’s After Hours program with Michele Pilenza went from a train wreck that I would listen to only to hear the carnage, to an actually interesting radio show. This was due to the presence of Michelle Jerson, subbing for Pilenza while she had her baby.

Michelle Jerson was a breath of fresh air. Not only was she a more experienced, and in my humble opinion, a much more entertaining broadcaster, but she was much more open-minded - something that might be important in doing a radio talk show that purports to give advice about lifestyle, relationships, sex and romance.

When Michele Pilenza with one L returned from maternity leave, she stepped easily back into the same shoes she left. Judgmental and close-minded as ever, she was back, and I was out of there. I was missing Ms. Jerson badly, as I really wanted to enjoy the show as an intelligent talk show instead of a nightly train wreck. Seriously, I just couldn't take Ms. Pilenza saying inane things like "fat people shouldn't date" or "ugly people should just give up" or telling callers that they were "freaks" because of some miscellaneous fetish. Like I said, she was real open-minded.

Luckily, or unluckily depending on your outlook, Ms. Pilenza has left the evening airways for the mornings, joining Dennis Malloy to replace the departing Judi Franco. As I wasn't a fan, this didn't affect me, but the side effect did - Michelle Jerson returned to the nighttime After Hours slot. Way to go, Michelle, you've got a regular listener.


  1. I worked in radio for a long time and I know what you mean. There's so many jocks who think being outrageous or obnoxious is simply what they are paid to do. I am a radio fan and as soon as I quit my last NJ radio job I listened only to my iPod since then. It's hard for me to be entertained when there's so many clones out there. Just give me a person who appreciates the medium of broadcasting and I'll enjoy it much more. I'm happy to see that you wrote about some local radio personalities, they rarely get much press!

  2. Anonymous10:53 PM

    I like Michelle Pilenza so much more!! I think she has a sexy voice, and her and Dennis Malloy make up the best talk show in our area no doubt about it. Jersen is cool, but I think she sounds to re-hearsed and irritating at times.

    Now if only the could get casey Bartholemew off the air and replace with someone more similar to craig carton, the miday and afternoon shifts would be on fire.

    Jerson is ok, nothing special to me. Judy was boring, and I'm glad to see her gone.

    -JerseySal, not new york not philadelphia, proud to be New Jersey!!! New Jersey 101.5 DINNGG