Friday, October 24, 2008

Coming Very Soon

Written and directed by one of my favorite folks on the planet, Kevin Smith, has been getting a bit of bad press. Apparently there are theatres that won’t put the title on the marquee because of the word, ‘porno.’ Wow. Aren’t you glad we all live in the oh-so-enlightened 21st century? Sarcasm mode off. Screw it, it’s Kevin Smith, I’m seeing it. He hasn’t let me down yet… even with his forever late Spider-Man and the Black Cat

2006’s Casino Royale was a fantastic action flick, and a serious return and restart for the James Bond franchise. If I had one nitpick about it, it would be that it was missing the wit and wry sense of humor the Bond films had developed over the years. While it’s true it wasn’t something that was a major part of Ian Fleming’s books, it was sorely missing in that film. I’m guessing that it will definitely be gone in this second installment, Quantum of Solace, a Fleming story in name only, with James out for revenge. So very unBond-like.

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