Saturday, July 26, 2008

BET's Black Panther

The trailer for the new "Black Panther" animated series for BET debuted at the San Diego Comic Con today. Here's a peek.

Animated might be a strong word based on this trailer, but with recent animated projects like "Invincible" and the "Watchmen" Motion Comics on iTunes using much the same techniques, the style may have come into its own.

Stan Lee created the Black Panther back in 1966 in an issue of Fantastic Four and the character is considered one of the genre's first African-American superheroes. In recent years, the Panther's own title, sometimes written by screenwriter and director Reggie Hudlin, has become one of the more controversial comics on the shelves.

Launch for the animated series is set for sometime early in 2009 according to BET.

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