Sunday, June 29, 2008

Save the Adventurers Club!

One of the major reasons to go to the Walt Disney World Resort, and perhaps the only reason to go to Pleasure Island is... The Adventurers Club.

Many people are unaware of this wonderful themed nightclub at Pleasure Island but those hip to it know it's the place to be every night of their WDW visit. Outfitted like a 1930s club for adventurers this is an interactive experience with various shows throughout the night. In between shows the action never stops as visitors can interact with actors for a different experience every time you visit. The walls are alive and the objects d'art speak to you, and the exploration never stops as you notice something different every time you're there.

We have a visit to WDW planned for September, and of course on the agenda were nightly trips to the Adventurers Club. And then a friend hipped me to this: On September 28, 2008, they will be closing down the clubs at Pleasure Island and will be replacing them with shops and restaurants. Some sources say this is due to lack of attendance at Pleasure Island. If this is in fact true, perhaps Disney could have instead invested some advertising for such wonderful and largely unknown treasures like the Adventurers Club.

There is an online petition going around to save the Adventurers Club. You can see it and sign it here.



  1. Anonymous5:51 PM

    I hate to say it, but I think it is already far too late.

    Quoted directly from a cast member from AC {not with permission, but it is fully available on the AC yahoo group}:

    "As a cast member at Pleasure Island, I was informed in a "town hall" meeting that operations will continue as usual until the evening of Saturday, September 27. Saturday is the end of the pay week, and therefore the end of regular operations of Pleasure Island clubs. I was also informed by management that the Adventurers Club might be used as a convention venue for a limited time before it is demolished, but that is not definite, and whether or not any entertainment would be offered at any such convention, and what form the entertainment might take, is also uncertain.

    I am posting this because Patty Winter seemed to suggest that the last day of operations might be sooner or later than September 27. I have no reason to think this is so. Pleasure Island cast members have been given a definite closing date: September 27."

  2. I know they are pretty much done at the Pleasure Island site, as of Sept. 28, but I think the hope of the petition is to possibly move the AC to another venue. Boardwalk perhaps. Or wherever - it's too good a part of the Disney experience to lose imho.