Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sue Simmons Drops the F Bomb

Live television is a wonderful thing. Whether it's Andy Kaufman acting like a spoiled child on "Fridays," Janet Jackson flashing a boob at the Super Bowl, or Bud Dwyer taking his own life at a press conference - shit happens. Two nights ago, longtime New York newscaster had her own 'event.'

Here's her 'error,' and the apology that came a bit later.

My question is what exactly was she reacting to?

Bet they won't be doing those news teasers live any more, huh?

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  1. We saw this live. Actually, CL saw this live. We were Tivoing Medium, but not really watching it. I had headphones on. She caught it, and we rewound.

    Pretty fucking awesome.

    You know, if the worst mistake journalists ever made was the occasional f-bomb, as opposed to, say, not deeply investigating the Bush administration during the runup to the Iraqi war, I'd be perfectly happy.