Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Dungeons and Dragons and Death

E. Gary Gygax, the father of Dungeons & Dragons, passed away this morning.

Most of the world's nerd/geek culture community is mourning the man's passing today. For those who don't know, Gygax created the game "Dungeons & Dragons," or as most of us geeks know it - D&D.

While I don't play D&D much any longer, not for years actually, it was a formative force in my young adulthood. I began playing some time in 1980 and it was, as it was for many folks, the gateway drug to other role-playing games. When I began playing it was a seriously nerd thing but eventually became more accepted, and is now in many ways much cooler than it used to be. I met my best friend playing the game, I met my future wife playing the game, heck, I've even taught the game in school. I've professionally playtested role-playing games and even demonstrated new ones at conventions. More importantly, one of my first professional sales was research for an unpublished sourcebook for a role-playing game. D&D had meant a lot in my life.

Sorry to see Gary missed his final saving roll. Rest in peace, man.

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