Friday, November 09, 2007

You Are What You Poo

Even though those bastards in their programming department refuse to bring back "Eastenders," I watch a lot of BBC America.

One of the shows I've been catching lately in the afternoon is "You Are What You Eat," one of those self-help/reality shows where they take an overweight person, rearrange their life situation, diet, etc. and then they become a 'better' thinner, healthier person.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, living longer is a good thing, but the show stars one of the more diabolical and nasty nealth Nazis I've ever encountered, a woman named Gillian McKeith. Honestly she makes Simon Cowell and Dicko seem like altar boys. For her it's like every episode is open season for insulting fat people. And as you can see, she's probably never had to deal with a weight problem herself.

But there are other things that bother me about this show, and there occur in ever episode like clockwork. After observing her victim for a week, Gillian prepares a table of everything they've eaten during the week - to show them, kind of like some kind of shock therapy, "Look what you put in your body in one week!" She might as well say, "What a pig you are!" and sometimes, she does.

Anyway the table is loaded usually with all manner of fried and processed food. Some of it looks quite tasty because it's real and cooked, but she calls it poison of course. My question is - what happens to this food after this sequence? There is a lot of it. Do they throw it out? Seems like an awful waste when there are people starving all over the planet, even in England. Surely she wouldn't give this 'poison' to anyone, especially starving folks, right?

The other thing she does is downright peculiar. Gillian asks for a poo sample from the victim for examination purposes. Now while I am unsure of her medical credentials, if any, I do know that a poo sample will give hints to what's going on in the body. It's what seems to be important to Gillain that's disturbing. She's obsessed with the smell of poo, and if the victim's poo stinks, that's horrible - a sign of bad health.

Excuse me? Whose poo doesn't stink?

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