Friday, June 13, 2003


A Video Review of "The Sex Monster"

Copyright 2003 Glenn Walker

Amusing and horrific at the same time. A man wants what most men want - a threesome. Or more accurately a man wants a threesome with two other women. This usually never works out usually ending in jealousy and heartbreak. In The Sex Monster it ends with a more comedic nightmare.

The wife played deftly by Mariel Hemmingway tentatively accepts her husband's wishes to bring a sexy woman from his office into their bed. She finds that she enjoys the company of women much more than that of her husband going from despondent housewife to lesbian nymphomaniac.

What follows are the funniest and most brutal scenes of the movie as the husband, played by Mike Binder who also wrote and directed, at first watches, then has snacks, then snoozes in another room as his wife and friend noisily go at it for hours on end - without him.

Chaos ensues as the wife can't quite 'keep it in her pants' and begins to pursue all of the couple's female friends much to her husband's dismay. The Sex Monster is very funny, well written and well worth watching.

It comes off like a madcap Cary Grant farce with modern sensibilities. The Sex Monster is very entertaining for everyone, everyone that is except for couples looking to open up their relationship possibilities.

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